Where did this data come from?
The data this quiz is built on is drawn from the British Election Survey. Respondents who expressed a preference on voting/party allegiance were drawn at random. We are grateful that they make their data file public. It's super fun bedtime reading. Honest.
3,946 people completed the British Election Survey. Of these 3,356 (85.0%) lived in England, 379 (9.6%) lived in Scotland, and 211 (5.3%) lived in Wales. Further, survey respondents lived in 844 different wards in 400 different parliamentary constituencies. Responses were collected between Dec 2019 and July 2020.
Reference: Fieldhouse, E., J. Green., G. Evans., J. Mellon, C. Prosser, R. de Geus, and J. Bailey (2021) 2019 BES Post-Election Random Probability Survey v.1.1.1 [computer file], May 2021

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