Poles Apart to be released on September 9th

Poles Apart will be released in hardback worldwide with Penguin Random House on September 9th. We all swooned over the marvellous Sarah Paul's voice that was used for the audiobook. Fans of The IT Crowd may well recognise her tones. 

You can pre-order your copy now. 

Praise for Poles Apart

Poles Apart is an extraordinary achievement: fresh, deeply authoritative, and entertaining on every page. Everyone talks about polarisation, but no one does it like Goldsworthy, Osborne, and Chesterfield. You'll finish this book wiser, kinder, and more hopeful than when you started it. -- Jamie Susskind, author of Future Politics

A fascinating and thought-provoking analysis of the divisions between us, how we bridge them, how we reshape the world - and ourselves too. Essential reading. -- Cathy Newman ― Channel 4 News

In Poles Apart, the authors give us a comprehensive review of the psychology of groupishness and polarisation. It's a fascinating read, which will help anyone who wants to step out of the polarisation cycle and become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem that is now damaging the world's leading democracies. -- Jonathan Haidt, NYU-Stern School of Business, author of The Righteous Mind and The Happiness Hypothesis

Asks the best question I have ever heard. And, critically, offers solutions. A must read. -- Rory Sutherland, vice-chairman of Ogilvy UK, and author of Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense

All my life I have been an impassioned advocate of technology. I believed it could connect the whole world, which it has largely done. What I and many others failed to see, was how those connections would then be used to divide and polarise us - for commercial and political gain. This is endangering our social institutions and democracy on which our dreams were based. It turns our own lives and sometimes, families, to the poles - into warzones. This is a pivotal moment for this book to be written, read and understood. -- Peter Gabriel, musician

A trenchant diagnosis of the causes and consequences of the polarization plaguing our societies -- and a practical roadmap for remedies. Highly recommended. -- David Broockman Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Sweeping and superbly-researched yet accessible, Poles Apart will help you make sense of our fragmented world. Whether you are a practitioner working in business, government, the media or a non-profit, this is the book you need not just to understand polarization but to understand what we can all do about it. -- Mathieu Lefevre, CEO and co-founder, More in Common.

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