The Times oped on polarisation, sexual assault and criminal justice
In July, the former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke was found guilty of two charges of sexual assault. Elphicke, 49, had tried to kiss and then grope the breast of a 20-something parliamentary wor...
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Depolarizing for BBC Radio 4
Ali Goldsworthy did a piece for BBC Radio Four on their Four Thought series examining the role important and legitimate movement building techniques can play in catalysing polarization.
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Changed My Mind returns for a third series
Changed My Mind, the podcast from the team behind Poles Apart has returned for a third series. Kicking off with hosts of the Conflicted podcast Aimen Dean and Thomas Small we dig into what it was t...
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The Times Op-Ed on political divides and CoronaVirus
Ali Goldsworthy wrote for The Times about how our political divides will affect the way people process and respond to Government action on the CoronaVirus 
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Poles Apart signed by Penguin Random House
Nigel Wilcockson, Publishing Director of Random House Business, has acquired UK, Commonwealth and translation rights to a major new analysis of political and social tribalism by three experts from ...
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Journal Article - “To Fight Polarization, Ask, “How Does That Policy Work?”
Writing in Behavioural Scientist, Alex Chesterfield did a deep dive into the phenomenon known as the illusion of explanatory depth. Explaining how it holds the seeds of an idea that could help amel...
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Communications and polarization. Keynote at Charity comms
Laura Osborne and Alex Chesterfield keynoted the Charity Comms conference Changing hearts and minds: social science insights for communicators on March 5th in London. 
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Journal article. Bleak Future Ahead - The Science Behind Contemporary Polarization
Ali Goldsworthy teamed up with Dr Julian Huppert the former MP for Cambridge and Director of the Intellectual Forum at Jesus to lay out the science behind polarization. 
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Keynote at the Campaigners Forum in Berlin
Alex Chesterfield and Ali Goldsworthy gave the keynote address at the Campaigners Forum in Berlin. Challenging the audience of leading change-makers from around the world to think about how the tec...
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