Appearance on Breaking the Fever podcast

Alex Chesterfield, Laura Osborne and Ali Goldsworthy appeared on the Breaking the Fever podcast. Hosted by NYU's Alison Ta...

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City AM op ed: could you have lost out on a job because of your politics?

Laura Osborne and Alison Goldsworthy wrote for City AM

Could you have lost out on a job because of your politics? Almost definitely

Being p...

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Poles Apart to be released on September 9th

Poles Apart will be released in hardback worldwide with Penguin Random House on September 9th. We all swooned over the marvellous Sarah Paul's voice that was used for the audiobook. Fans of The ...

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Alex Chesterfield on The Human Risk podcast

Alex Chesterfield appeared on The Human Risk podcast w...

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The Times oped on uncertainty and polarisation

Uncertainty is unsettling. Hobbits often speak for many of us. Their idea of a second breakfast, followed by elevenses is genius. ...

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The Times oped on polarisation, sexual assault and criminal justice

In July, the former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke was found guilty of two charges of sexual assault. Elphicke, 49, had tried to kiss and th...

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Depolarizing for BBC Radio 4

Ali Goldsworthy did a piece for BBC Radio Four on their Four Thought series examining the role important and legitimate movement building ...

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Changed My Mind returns for a third series

Changed My Mind, the podcast from the team behind Poles Apart has returned for a third series. Kicking off with ...

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The Times Op-Ed on political divides and CoronaVirus

Ali Goldsworthy wrote for The Times about how our politic...

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Poles Apart signed by Penguin Random House

Nigel Wilcockson, Publishing Director of Random House Business, has acquired UK, Commonwealth and translation rights to a major new analysis of political and soci...

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Journal Article - “To Fight Polarization, Ask, “How Does That Policy Work?”

Writing in Behavioural Scientist, Alex Chesterfield did a deep dive into the phenomenon known a...

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Communications and polarization. Keynote at Charity comms

Laura Osborne and Alex Chesterfield keynoted the Charity Comms conference Changing hearts and minds: social science insight...

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